What Can a Postpartum Night Doula Do For Me?
  • A continuity of support through your postpartum period.

  • Labor and C-section recovery assistance and support.

  • Newborn care instruction.

  • Confidence / skills building.

  • Sleep education.

  • Lactation support and feeding education.

  • Support for preemie, NICU, and special needs babies.

  • Support for families of twins including education and logistics.

  • And of course REST!

Postpartum night doula support will provide:

A Postpartum Night Doula Offers Support For Your New Or Growing Family

Providing a wide range of services and approach to care for each unique family. It is my goal to help you build confidence as new parents, and create a firm foundation on which to build. We will customize a plan to suit your family's specific needs.

 The Basics:


  • Overnight care for baby and assistance with establishing a routine.

  • Feeding support and education (which style of feeding is right for you)

  • Tending to feedings (either bringing baby to the breast to feed, or bottle feeding).

  • Basic breastfeeding support, education, troubleshooting, engorgement care.

  • IBCLC and lactation support referrals for breastfeeding challenges.

  • Pumping and bottle feeding info.

  • Bottle and/or pump prep and maintenance.

  • Age appropriate information for milestones and developments (knowing when to change things up).

  • Diapering and soothing after nighttime feeds so mom (and partner) can get back back to sleep.

  • Newborn care education; including burping, diapering, bathing, cord care etc.

  • Baby comforting techniques. 

  • Education, resources and guidance.

  • Practical and emotional support as you recuperate form birth.

  • Referrals as needed for any additional needs.

  • Tidying and organizing of baby’s areas, including baby laundry and diaper table organization.

  • Nursery prep. Before or after baby's arrival.


 Sleep Education:

  • Sleep education.

  • Troubleshooting for sleep issues and disturbances.

  • Information on popular sleep training methods.

  • Sleep training education and consultation.

  • Age appropriate sleep conditioning and good sleep habit guidance.  

Support for special circumstances:

  • C-Section recovery.

  • Twins care,  including logistics and planning.

  • Preemie care.

  • Returning home after time in the NICU

  • Baby blues /perinatal mood and anxiety disorders including non clinical assessment and support.

  • Colic care including coping skills for mom and dad. 

  • Families with a current or prior history of anxiety or depression.

Supporting a wide range of families including:

  • First time parents who are learning the ropes.

  • Busy parents who need an extra hand.

  • Working parents who need enough rest to tackle the next day.

  • First time, busy, working parents...

  • Single parents.

  • LBGTQ families.

  • Military families.

  • Families without local support or those who are new to the area.

Sleeping Twins
Mother and baby
Baby girl sleeping