Support for your new and growing family

Supporting new and growing families as a care provider and nanny in the Bay Area since 2006, and as a certified postpartum doula since 2011, it  has been my goal to help families settle into the role of parenthood through support and education, creating solutions for sleep issues including nighttime care so tired moms and families can rest!

I totaly underestimated the value of rest and recovery that Andrea helped facilitate with her service!


Hannah W. - San Mateo

Providing a wide range of services and approach to care for each unique family. It is my goal to help you build confidence as new parents, and create a firm foundation on which to build. We will customize a plan to suit your family's specific needs.

I provide support and information for any or all of the following;


  • Overnight care for baby, while demonstrating how to establish a routine.

  • Tending to feedings (either bringing baby to the breast to feed, or bottle feeding).

  • Basic breastfeeding support, troubleshooting, engorgement care, pumping and bottle feeding info.

  • Bottle and/or pump prep and maintenance.

  • Age appropriate information for milestones and developments (knowing when to change things up).

  • Troubleshooting for sleep issues and disturbances.

  • Sleep education.

  • Diapering and soothing after the feed so mom (and dad) can get back back to sleep.

  • Information on popular sleep training methods.

  • Age appropriate sleep training and good sleep habit guidance. 

  • Twins care, logistics and planning.

  • Preemie care.

  • Newborn care education; including burping, diapering, bathing, cord care etc.

  • Baby comforting techniques. 

  • Non clinical baby blues /perinatal mood and anxiety disorders assessment and support.

  • Colic care. 

  • Coping skills for mom and dad. 

  • Alternative family dynamics.

  • Surrogacy support.

  • Single moms.

  • C-Section recovery.

  • Education, resources and guidance.

  • Physical and emotional support as you recuperate form birth.

  • Referrals as needed.

  • Tidying and organization of baby’s areas.

  • General household needs such as baby’s laundry, and errands can also be provided.

Please call  408-307-8046 or email for questions on your service area, support needs, availability, and current fees.

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