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A Postpartum Doula Offers Support For Your New Or Growing Family

What Can a Postpartum Doula Do For Me?

Providing a wide range of services and approach to care for each unique family. It is my goal to help you build confidence as new parents, and create a firm foundation on which to build. We will customize a plan to suit your family's specific needs.


The Basics:


  • Care for baby and assistance with establishing a routine.

  • Feeding support and education (which style of feeding is right for you)

  • Basic breastfeeding support, education, troubleshooting, engorgement care.

  • IBCLC and lactation support referrals for breastfeeding challenges.

  • Pumping and bottle feeding info.

  • Bottle and/or pump prep and maintenance.

  • Age appropriate information for milestones and developments (knowing when to change things up).

  • Newborn care education; including burping, diapering, bathing, cord care etc.

  • Baby comforting techniques. 

  • Education, resources and guidance.

  • Practical and emotional support as you recuperate from birth.

  • Referrals as needed for any additional needs.

  • Tidying and organizing of baby’s areas, including baby laundry and diaper table organization.

  • Nursery prep. Before or after baby's arrival.


Sleep Education:

  • Sleep education.

  • Troubleshooting for sleep issues and disturbances.

  • Information on popular sleep training methods.

  • Sleep training education and consultation.

  • Age-appropriate sleep conditioning and good sleep habit guidance. 

Support for special circumstances:

  • C-Section recovery.

  • Twins care, including logistics and planning.

  • Preemie care.

  • Returning home after time in the NICU

  • Baby blues /perinatal mood and anxiety disorders including non-clinical assessment and support.

  • Colic care including coping skills for mom and dad. 

  • Families with a current or prior history of anxiety or depression.

Supporting a wide range of families including:

  • First time parents who are learning the ropes.

  • Busy parents who need an extra hand.

  • Parents who are facing a return to work.

  • First time, busy, working parents...

  • Single parents.

  • LBGTQ families.

  • Military families.

  • Families without local support or those who are new to the area.

Baby girl sleeping

"A natural with the baby, Andrea taught us so many new things!

She was willing to do everything we needed...and more!

Would we recommend her to another family?"



-Megan M. 

Walnut Creek

Mother and baby

"She offered answers to questions we didn't even know to ask!"


-Vivian Z.


Sleeping Twins

"Andrea is so knowledgeable about the birth experience and seeks out solutions if  she doesn't have an answer. Thank you for being my advocate in healing and in being a first time mom".


-Angela A.


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