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baby dressed as a lamb

Amanda L.

Walnut Creek

 "Someone told me that the role of a postpartum doula is to "mother the mother" and that's EXACTLY what Andrea did for me".

Pink Petals

Caroline C


"Whether it was helping with feeding challenges or answering questions about child development, she was always a kind and guiding presence. She is so dedicated and always went the extra mile to make us feel supported".

swaddled sleeping baby

Heather K.


Andrea helped reassure me that I was doing the right thing at a time when I was constantly second guessing myself. She made us feel so comfortable, my husband and I were able to completely shut off at night and replenish. ​


Rachel W.

San Mateo

"I loved the non-judgmental nature of her support. She was open to other choices I wanted. She was a fabulous listener!"

Image by Jez Timms

Stephanie W.

Mountain View

"Andrea was of a completely different caliber than anyone else we spoke with.  She was able to come in, immediately connect with our son, and deliver results within a few nights.  She has a gentle touch and we felt immediately comfortable with her working with our son".

Image by

Hannah W.

San Mateo

"I totally underestimated the value of rest and recovery that Andrea helped facilitate with her service!"

Mother Holding Baby Finger

Gina M. 


"Her attention to the mother in addition to her attention to the twins, her connection to resources, and her followup with materials were the strengths of her service!​"

Cherry Blossoms

Molly M.


"Andrea was totally professional, knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable. She was so confident, and made me feel that at least someone was watching out for my well being!"

Image by Alex Pasarelu

Jennifer S.


"Andrea was very empathetic and supportive about my physical recovery and adjustment to parenthood. We could not have survived without her assistance, she was so incredibly helpful!"


Zaina O.


"Andrea is great at what she her a baby whisperer or baby ninja. Her many years of experience with infants and as a mother of 3 shows in her unwavering patience, deep knowledge and empathetic wisdom. She guided me through an incredibly tough time and helped me find joy in the early journey of motherhood. I couldn't imagine the experience without her."

Baby dressed in button up shirt looking at camera

Alicia W.


We completely underestimated the impact Andrea's support would have on our family. Her support let us get a mental and physical break, and made our adjustment to being a family of four a happy time.

Almond Tree Flowers

Gulsen Y.


We are so grateful for Andrea's services. I gave my baby to her with absolute confidence and got some much need rest!

baby feet

 "If the Hubs wants to get you a "push present", skip the jewelry, bag, blah blah blah etc because those things are not going hold your colicky baby in the middle of the night or save you from becoming a sleep deprived zombie! Call Andrea instead!  (She books up fast because the word is out about how amazing she is)".

Melissa R. - Walnut Creek

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