What is a postpartum doula?

"Being a first-time mom with no family to help can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Andrea picked up the broken pieces of my sanity and helped me glue it back together by being our night doula. You cannot do this alone! Hire Andrea. Your baby and your mental-health will thrive under her intuitive care".   


Linnea K. - Mountain View

Postpartum doulas are trained to care for new families in the first weeks after birth providing guidance with newborn care and infant feeding, emotional support, and answering all your questions. They are ready to assist with:

  • Newborn Care

  • Comforting techniques (How DO you soothe a crying baby anyway?)

  • Coping skills (My baby keeps crying, what do I do now?)

  • Breastfeeding support (This isn't as easy as I thought!)

  • Assistance with routine and organization

  • Guidance in nutrition and physical recovery from birth

  • Emotional support, watching for signs of postpartum depression or baby blues (Am I supposed to feel this way?)

  • Resources and referrals available for a wide range of needs (Not within my scope of practice? I have a referral for that!)

  • "I'm exhausted, I'm up so often at night what do I do now?" Call your friendly Night Doula!!

What does a postpartum night doula do?

"Andrea is a great listener and a fountain of knowledge for newborn care. She provided insight on issues even before they arose, preparing us to handle them. It was like having an old friend come to visit. I felt I could be really open and she would listen without judgement. I thoroughly believe that her way/energy/advice helped prevent my baby blues".


Tricia Y. - Oakland

A night doula is a postpartum doula specializing in the needs of families at night. A night doula  will help teach the family to maximize mom's (and family's) sleep time. She will help establish strong breastfeeding skills, watch for breastfeeding red flags, assist in feeding baby by bringing breast fed babies to the breast (did you know you don't have to get out of bed to feed?) or bottle feeding as needed, answer questions about pumping, and help establish a pumping schedule if desired, and when appropriate. She will  burp, changing and settle baby back to sleep, allowing mom to get straight back to sleep seamlessly through the night. Your night doula may also be versed in sleep conditioning and sleep training techniques helping you and your baby get on track toward a well rested family. We are also an advocate for partners, teaching them ways to help out and be involved and by allowing them to rest when we are on shift so they might better support mom the next day, 

Your postpartum night doula may also provide:

  • Guidance in sleep education

  • Assistance in establishing a nighttime routine

  • Troubleshooting of sleep issues

  • Help in settling baby into good sleep habits.

What are the benefits of hiring a postpartum night doula?

"Andrea was of a completely different caliber than anyone else we spoke with.  She was able to come in, immediately connect with our son, and deliver results within a few nights.  She has a gentle touch and we felt immediately comfortable with her working with our son".


Stephanie W. - Mountain View

Motherhood can seem daunting, and first time moms often have fears of making mistakes. Experienced moms may just be in need of another set of hands or help with organization, and all new moms are in need of rest.  Many moms suffer silently from baby blues or depression, and many wonder..."There has got to be an easier way!"

Postpartum doulas will teach you that easier way. Teaching tried and true methods, and offering the tips and tricks of the experienced mother. She will help by reducing the risk of depression and dissatisfaction by decreasing mom's stress and anxiety levels, and by helping mom ease into her new role well educated and with confidence. And hey, a well rested mom is always a good thing!

Postpartum doulas have been shown to:

  • Ease stress and anxiety in new mothers

  • Increase moms satisfaction in her experience as a new mother

  • Aid in faster recovery from the rigors of birth

  • Increase confidence in parenting and childcare

  • Reduce incidence and severity of anxiety and depression. 

  • Increase the likelihood of breastfeeding success and longevity

What are the typical hours of a postpartum night doula, and how long should I have one?

"Just having her there in the middle of the night was so comforting as I navigated breastfeeding for the first time. Some nights we would chat, others it was just her calming presence that would keep things sane. I would highly recommend her services to any family!"

Amanda L. - Walnut Creek

My minimum is 8 hours per shift/ 2 shifts per week. I am available* for shifts between 6pm and 6am **. Shifts are commonly between 9pm and 5am, or 10pm and 6am. I am available for shifts Sunday through Thursday nights.


*Please call for current availability and schedule openings.

** Distance traveled may affect shift end time. Please inquire for specifics.


The needs of each family are different. Typical bookings are 6 - 12 weeks, 2-5 nights per week, but can be booked as short term coverage too (2 weeks) during a transition or crisis, or for basic newborn education. They can also be as long as 6 months to aid in recovery and adjustment; or to provide colic care or sleep training. We will work together to determine your needs and the right amount of care for you. I am open to many requests and needs, please ask.


It is not unusual for me to book out three - six  months in advance. Please call early for availability .

Please call for current pricing. Payment plans available.  I am open to budgeting concerns, please ask.

Does my night doula advocate a certain parenting style or sleep training method?

-Andrea was a wealth of knowledge. I could ask anything and she'd know how to help or provide suggestions. She helped me learn so much so I could do it myself!


Carol W. - Mountain View

Doulas do not come into a family with an agenda of any kind. It is my duty as a doula to support the wishes and parenting choices of each individual family. I will work with you to support your baby's needs, while honoring your family values. It is my goal to provide education and resources for each family so that each is able to make well informed choices. It is my goal, that each family feel they are no longer in need of a doula, as I am then assured of my success!

A special word about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders:

If you or your partner feel anxious, down, disconnected or have a  general sense of unease, please reach out for help. You are not alone. I believe that a "Healthy Mom makes for a Happy Family". Please contact me for resources and support.


Or contact:


Postpartum Support International. You will be connected to a coordinator in your area who will provide you with necessary referrals.

Please click the button below and watch the short video produced by Postpartum Support International

Understanding Pregnancy and Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders